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Tutoring sessions last an hour.  I meet with a student as often as needed, which is determined by the parent and me. For struggling students I recommend at least one tutoring session a week.  If students meet with me regularly I keep in contact with their teacher.


Tutoring sessions are tailored to each individual student. A typical session may include the following:

  • Help with homework

  • Studying/Reviewing

  • Focus on areas of struggle indicated by teacher, parent, student, or myself

  • Review/reteach necessary content from previous courses

  • Preview of lessons





Normal tutoring hours are on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday beginning at 4:00 pm. Tutoring can be in person or virtually. Please contact me for specific availability.


Last minute tutoring sessions are possible if I am available and may be subject to a higher fee since I will be rearranging my schedule.


All tutoring sessions are located at one of the public library in Bettendorf.

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