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My name is Amy Vosmek.  I am an experienced educator and I LOVE Math!  My Bachelor's Degree is in Mathematics and Secondary Education from Rockford University.  My Master's Degree in Teaching is from Northern Illinois University.  I am certified in the state of Iowa and Illinois to teach any level of Mathematics grades 5 - 12.  With more than 6 years of experience teaching in both middle school and high school I have taught almost every level of math between 7th Grade Math to Pre-Calculus.  


In the last couple years of teaching I have been a member of the teams at my schools adapting the curriculum to meet the new Common Core Standards.  These new standards expect the students to know and apply concepts taught in previous grades.  During the transitional period there may be some gaps for students who have not been exposed to the Common Core since Kindergarten, so it will not be uncommon for students to struggle. 

I moved to the area recently and I taught in the Davenport School District.  I decided to leave the classroom to start Vosmek Math Tutoring to help students be successful in Math.  I have been tutoring students both in person and virtually for more than 7 years. I believe every student can be successful even if Math does not come to the student easily.  If your student or you are struggling with Math the best thing to do is seek out help!


If you or your student would like help with Math, please contact me.


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